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Dior Background Blender Scene


Simple Dior Inspired Blender Scene Camera placement (picture 2) Created in blender 2.9 Pictures taken in cycles.


How to buy If you are an existing Patron: • Available to Platinum+ Patrons on request. Non-Patrons: • There will be a limited quantity available for you to buy direct via my Ko-fi Shop. If unavailable/sold out, you may contact me to order, with the subject titled 'Blender Scene purchase'. This scene is priced at £3.00 GBP, which can be paid for via my Ko-fi page. *Please contact me before donating/paying if you are interested in buying this scene, along with an email you would like your download sending to!* *Please make sure you have read & agree to my Blender Scenes T.O.U before purchasing*


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