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Our CC is a mix of Early Access, or straight up Free.
All of our Early Access content can be downloaded for free here on our official website or CurseForge page, once the early access period has ended.

If you would like to support us, with the added perk of accessing our content early, you are welcome to join our Patreon.
Patreon is a monthly membership, but you are free to join/cancel whenever you wish.
We never want anyone to feel pressured into joining, so please don't if this isn't something you're comfortable with or cannot afford.

*Please Note*
For the mean time - due to our recent issues we have been having with unauthorized conversions / reselling of our meshes/3D models - the majority of our new releases are being sent out via Links Only on Patreon.
We always want to be fully transparent, so if this is something you do not like, or aren't comfortable with, for whatever reason, please do not join.

Patreon Perks

As mentioned above, one of the main perks is receiving our content early!
Other perks include - Work-in-Progress sneak peeks, Patron-only posts & polls, & Exclusive Discord Server Access.

• If you are a Patron - Forum Password can be found on This Post.

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